How can I get involved?

Put your gifts to work

Perhaps you’ve been worshipping with us for a while, but you wonder how you could become more involved in the life of the congregation.

In any congregation, there are always numerous ways in which a person can serve God and serve others. There are existing ministries and teams that a person can get involved in but we wouldn’t want to restrict your involvement to just fitting in with what we do already. You will have unique gifts and talents, and we believe that you will serve God best doing the things you are good at. If there is something within the life of the church that you think you could contribute to, please let the minister know and we will assess where you may be best able to serve. Also if you have a unique gift or skill, but you don’t see any avenue to use this within the church, come and have a chat with the minister about it so that we can explore what might be possible.


Community Groups

Another way you can get involved is to join a Community Group. These are groups that meet in peoples’ homes each week at various times. These groups which number between 4 – 12 people, are a great way to meet other church members, discover and develop your gifts and grow in your faith. See our Community Group page on this website for more information.


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