Baptisms and blessings


Baptism is a public way of a person saying that they have decided to live their life for Jesus Christ, and that they recognise that he died on the cross to forgive them. There are two ways in which baptism is administered;

i) as an adult decides for themselves to become a follower of Christ and is baptised either by full immersion in water (this can be arranged if a person so wishes) or by pouring at the font

ii) a parent/parents or guardian who is a follower of Christ and member of the church who wishes to bring their baby or young child for baptism.

If the two categories above do not apply, then a blessing service can be arranged for your child. Also, if you want to know more about the Christian faith and become a church member we would be happy to give the opportunity of doing an enquirer’s course called ‘Christianity Explored’ as a first step to full church membership.


Blessing of an Infant or Young Child

Many people want to give thanks to God for their child. It may be that they do not feel that they can in good conscience make the vows and give the commitment that are integral to baptism, or it might be that neither parent is a church member. Some parents may also feel they want to leave the child to decide for themselves whether or not they will follow Jesus. In a blessing we do three things that are part of a baptism but are not central to it;

1. Give thanks to God for your precious and unique child.

2. Thank God for their safe arrival in this world.

3. Ask for God’s protection over them as they grow.

If you wish to make enquiries regarding a baptism or a baby blessing, please contact the minister on the number below, or by email.


Rev. Francis Murphy

Tel. 01475 722338


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